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Animal Motel Pet Care Dog Dish

Our Facility

We have 104 boarding suites for dogs - 32 indoor/outdoor and 72 indoor suites. The cattery offers single and double condos.

Our Facility includes:

  • Grooming Room
  • Pet Shop
  • Kitchen
  • Conference Room
  • Training Hall
  • Caretaker’s Apartment
  • Indoor facility and boarding suites are heated and air-conditioned.

Outdoor Play Yards

All of the pet outdoor areas are enclosed with security fencing.

The Play and Exercise Yard consists of a fifteen-minute session of exercise, fun, and interaction between animal and human. In each session, your pet is given the opportunity to burn up extra energy or relieve stress. While some dogs need to be held and reassured of their safety, others need to be vigorously exercised.

When the dog is brought into the play yard, she/he has the choice to play with certain toys or get acclimated to the area by sniffing around and marking their territory. For the dogs that need to be held and shown special attention, tender words, gentle stroking, and belly rubs are used. In the summer months, we have wading pools that are available to those pets that like to get wet and splash around in the water. All play yard time is one-on-one with one of our play yard attendants unless there are multiple family pets that the owner has indicated wanting to have their pets together. The owner must assure us that all of the pets are compatible and will not fight.

You can sign up your pets for the Play Yard when you make your Pet’s Boarding Reservation.