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Rates & Policies


Our daily boarding rates are based on a calendar day. You are charged for the day you bring your pet in for boarding, regardless of the time during our business hours. Checkout time Monday through Saturday is 10:00 AM. After 10:00 A.M. another day will be charged.

Our daily boarding rate includes a daily sanitized suite, fresh water at all times, meals per owner instructions, bedding and tender loving care.

Please be sure to read our Animal Motel Vaccination Requirements (below) to ensure that you have sufficient time to locate/acquire proof or update your pet's current vaccinations records.

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Vaccination Requirements

When registering pets for boarding, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to bring current vaccination papers with them. To ensure that your pet’s vaccinations are current, we strongly suggest that you refer to the papers that you received from your veterinarian, or call your veterinarian for that information. To save time when you are checking your pet in, you may fax, mail, or drop off that information in advance. If your pet’s vaccinations are not in compliance with our policy, your pet will not be able to board with us. The required vaccinations are in the best interest of your pet’s health.

Dog/Canine Vaccination Requirements

We require proof of DHLPP, rabies (if the dog is over 4 months old), and bordetella. Bordetella prevents against canine cough and is not a routine vaccination, so you must ask your veterinarian specifically to administer it. This vaccination must be given no later than 72 hours prior to your dog’s boarding with us.

Cat/Feline Vaccination Requirements

We require proof of feline distemper and rabies. We realize that some veterinarians do not give a rabies vaccination if it is totally a house cat; however we will not accept cats without rabies vaccinations for boarding because we need to offer that protection for the safety of employees.


All medications that your pet will need during his/her stay with us need to be brought with you. Be sure you include the specific instruction and information regarding the medication. Also mark your medications and accessories with the pet's name and your last name. It is a good idea to include some extra medication in the event your trip is delayed. Also, inform us as to the pet’s condition/medical problem. This will help if we need to contact your vet or if we need to be watching for certain symptoms. We never dispense any medications that require a prescription without the owner or veterinarian furnishing it to us along with their permission and instruction.

Special Diet

We serve Iams, Eukanuba, and Merrick brand foods. If your pet does not eat any of these foods at home, we recommend that you bring along their preferred brand of food.

Option for Serving your Pet’s Preferred Brand

We will be happy to furnish your pet with their routine food or diet at no additional charge, if you would please provide the following:

  1. Put food in individual serving size packages
  2. Label each package with
    • Pet’s name
    • Last name
    • Complete feeding instructions
  3. Include extra food servings (in the event that your trip is delayed)


If you want to bring something for your pet to chew on, the favorite items are rawhides, pig ears, and nylabones. Our experience suggests that balls and other toys that roll are not good choices as they can roll out of the suites or into the drainage system. If you are concerned about your pet's toys being lost, we suggest that you don’t bring them along.


We provide bedding for every pet. What is given to the pet depends on the needs of the pet and how he/she cares for it. We have cots, hutches, foam pads, platforms, rugs, blankets, etc. The only time we will not put bedding in with a pet is if he/she continually shreds or chews it. This could cause a potential problem for the pet.

If you bring a pet’s bedding with you, we require the following:

  1. It must be SAFE for the pet
  2. It must be WASHABLE and withstand disinfectant
  3. It must have the PET’S NAME on it
  4. You must not be upset if you don’t get it back

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