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Cat Boarding

Cats might seem pretty independent, but we know they need just as much love as dogs do. All of our cat guests have their own special cat condos our boarding facility to provide them a safe and relaxing personal environment. Our guests’ quarters are kept clean and as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Cats get regular and loving attention from our staff.

Indoor Feline Condos & Cattery

Our kitty condos vary in size and have no outdoor access. Your cat will receive personal attention and exercise every day. All condos are sanitized and cleaned daily. While this is being done, your cat is allowed to be free in the cattery and have some playtime with the attendant.

Vaccination Requirements

When registering pets for boarding, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to bring current vaccination papers with them. To insure that your pet’s vaccinations are current, we strongly suggest that you refer to the papers that you received from your veterinarian, or call your veterinarian for that information. To save time when you are checking your pet in, you may fax, mail, or drop off that information in advance. If your pet’s vaccinations are not in compliance with our policy, your pet will not be able to board with us. The required vaccinations are in the best interest of your pet’s health.

CAT/FELINE VACCINATION REQUIREMENTS – We require proof of feline distemper and rabies. We realize that some veterinarians do not give a rabies vaccination if it is totally a house cat; however we will not accept cats without rabies vaccinations for boarding because we need to offer that protection for the safety of employees.

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