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Animal Motel Pet Care Dog Dish

Dog Boarding Wauwatosa & Greater Milwaukee

Your dog should have a safe, clean place to board while you’re away. Each dog has his own personal space that’s appropriate for his breed to rest. He will get one-on-one personal attention from a pet care attendant and exercise four times a day. We keep our pet guests’ quarters clean and as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Indoor Canine Suites

All of our Indoor Dog Suites are 12’ long. Widths range from 2 ½’ to 6’ wide to accommodate the various sizes of dogs. All indoor pets are taken outside 4 times per day by a pet care attendant.

The indoor suites are ideal for the pet that likes handling and people interaction. The indoor suites will accommodate multiple family pets, however you must assure us that the pets you want boarded together are your own personal family pets and that they will not fight or argue over food or toys. You will be responsible for their behavior. We will not board any dogs together that are not personal family pets, even if they are playmates with other relatives’ or friends’ pets.

Combo Indoor/Outdoor Canine Suites

Each of our combination Indoor/Outdoor Dog suites has a 4 ½’ wide x 6’ long interior and a 4 ½’ wide x 12’ long outdoor area. The indoor/outdoor suites are ideal for the more aggressive or anti-social dog that would rather not be handled by our pet care attendant, or for the owner who would like their dog to have additional time outside. We still monitor very closely the outdoor temperature

as not to have a dog suffer from heat stroke or be subjected to cold or inclement weather.

We use our discretion as to the proper amount of time the pet is outdoors and all boarding guests are locked in at night. Some pets have medical or other conditions that may require reduced activity or special handling. This usually requires us to put them in a comfortable cage setting. We can make those arrangements as well. All of our suites include bedding, plus food and water dishes.

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What to Bring

When registering pets for boarding, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to bring current vaccination papers with them. To ensure that your pet's vaccinations are current, we strongly suggest that you refer to the papers that you received from your veterinarian, or call your veterinarian for that information. To save time when you are checking your pet in, you may fax, mail, or drop off that information in advance. If your pet's vaccinations are not in compliance with our policy, your pet will not be able to board with us. The required vaccinations are in the best interest of your pet’s health.

DOG/CANINE VACCINATION REQUIREMENTS – We require proof of DHLPP, rabies (if the dog is over 4 months old), and bordetella. Bordetella prevents against canine cough and is not a routine vaccination, so you must ask your veterinarian specifically to administer it. This vaccination must be given no later than 72 hours prior to your dog’s boarding with us.

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Welcome Home

Your pet will be excited to see you and your family when you pick him/her up. To ensure a happy homecoming reunion, we recommend the following do’s and don’ts:

  1. DO NOT give food and/or water for ONE HOUR after arrival home. Your pet has had water in front of him/her at all times during their stay. Eating and drinking while your pet is excited can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or bloat.
  2. DO exercise your pet outside on return for a longer period of time. The excitement of being in his/her own yard will cause him/her to eliminate more frequently.
  3. Your pet will be tired. He/she probably did more barking, had more exercise, and had a fun time. Like you after a vacation, it takes a day or two for your pet to readjust back into their routine and to feel rested.

PLEASE NOTE: Your pet’s vacation at Animal Motel should not have changed any housebreaking habits. Dogs are creatures of habit and what they do at home is part of their routine here. If your pet should have an accident, be sure to correct it immediately - it might be a test.

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