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Animal Motel Pet Care Dog Dish

Our Dog Training Philosophy

The key to success in dog obedience is effective communication between animal and handler. You must be able to clearly express your expectations, delight, and displeasure to the dog, and, in turn, be willing to consider their instincts, motivations, and disposition. Every training session encourages the development of the handler/dog team by integrating basic commands and exercise with insights on communication pitfalls and canine behavior.

We believe whole-heartedly that group training is your best value. While certain problems are better solved by one-on-one attention with a particular dog handler/dog team, we find that we can incorporate such attention into the class setting without difficulty. You benefit by having your problems solved in the context in which it occurs, and the class benefits by observing and applying the demonstrated solution to their own dog’s behavior.

You want a well-trained pet that can be trusted in any surroundings without mishap or aggravation. Your dog wants nothing more than to be a valued contributing member of the family. We at Animal Motel know that a few months with our expert guidance will help bring about years of satisfying partnership for you and your dog.

Donald Gutknecht, Director of Training, has been training dogs since 1946. He is a well-known and respected trainer in the Milwaukee area. In addition to training people and their dogs, he has trained and shown dogs for AKC competition and police, protection, and agility work. He has given numerous demonstrations, spoken to many groups, and participated in judging AKC obedience trials, in addition to training military dogs during his many years in the Army. Don is assisted by a staff of competent instructors to meet all the behavior needs that your pet may require. Our aim at Animal Motel Obedience School is to instruct you in methods of obedience training so that your dog will be socially acceptable and a pleasure to own.

“There are no dogs too ‘dumb’ to be trained, only dogs that are smarter than their owners.”

Our staff would be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate training class that will best suit the needs of you and your best friend. We offer three different classes for dogs:

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